LED Product Customization

Whether you want to design a new product from the ground up or simply change a few characteristics of an existing product, we're here to help.

Simple Product Customization

We can make simple changes to our exising products such as:

  • Different colors
  • Different specification
  • Different sizes and length

Full Product Design and Engineering

We offer "from the ground up" full OEM design to take your concept to reality:

  • 3D modeling, injection molds, CNC design
  • PCB circuit design
  • Light optics, heat and power management

We handle the whole enigneering and production process. Our industrial, electrical and software engineers can quickly prototype your product ideas. If its something simple, we can turn it around in as quick as 24 hours; if its more complicated that requires design and custom molds, we can usually do it within a few weeks to a month.

We look forward to hearing about your project! To get started, please email