Our Works

Inventory Control

A corner of our inventory area.

Every LED product we manufacture is made of different raw components such as LED chips. resistors, wires & housings. Each component is stored in these small inventory bins with an unique SKU identification code as well as the location code. Our manufacturing system automatically locates the components and required quantity we need for production according to bill of materials (BOM). All components are being real-time monitored and recorded during manufacturing.

LED Lighting with 3D Printing

A beautiful stunning LED lighting pattern created by a 3D printed art with our warm white Flush Mount LED bolt. Want to make other lighting patterns? or want to embed other LEDs into the 3D printed elephant, car or different creative objects? No problem, we can help! The only limit is just your imagination.

With the 3D printing technology, we can take your concept to reality. We can provide quick turnaround prototypes round in as quick as 24 hours. We can handle whole engineering and production process. Contact us for any enquires.

Epoxy Injection Process

We have well trained operators to work on the glue injection process for different products to make them fully waterproof. The Flush Mount LED Bolts were designed to be 100% submersible: a hard epoxy glue covers and seals the entire circuit board. To be honest the gluing process is really labour intensive, so sometimes it can only be done manually as the amount of glue for each bolt, especially the 6mm one, is too small. It's hard to be controlled by automatic gluing machine.

Manufacture LED Strips by SMT

These LED boards were just gone through the SMT and baking process. They will then be cut into strips before the Epoxy Injection Process. These flexible LED strips are designed for use in an environment to protect against water and other elements. Typically the length of a roll of LED strip is 5 meter but we can do custom length based on customers' needs.